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OC Board of Supervisors Meeting

  • Board Hearing Room 1st Floor, 333 West Santa Ana Boulevard/10 Civic Center Plaza Santa Ana, CA (map)

Attend OC Board of Supervisors Meeting TOMORROW, FEBRUARY 26TH from 9:00am-12:00pm, BOARD HEARING ROOM, FIRST FLOOR 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., 10 Civic Center Plaza Santa Ana, California. (If you attend the hearing, you can fill out a Speaker card to provide testimony, or you may stand when WAVE President Joanna Weiss speaks to show your solidarity.) 

2. Call your Supervisor! Andrew Do, 1st District (714) 834-3110; Michelle Steel, Vice Chair, 2nd District, (714) 834-3220; Supervisor: Vacant ( VOTE FOR LORETTA SANCHEZ MARCH 12!) 3rd District, (714) 834-3330; Doug Chaffee (newly elected Democrat), 4th District, (714) 834-3440; Lisa A. Bartlett, Chairwoman, 5th District, (714) 834-3550.


In 2017, Orange County Registrar Neal Kelley proposed vote centers in our county to increase voter turnout, at a potential cost savings to the County of $10 to $20 million. The OC Board of Supervisors summarily rejected the Registrar's proposal. After Supervisor Todd Spitzer issued a statement that questions about the rejection should be addressed to the OC Republican Party, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board lambasted the rejection, stating: "All five county supervisors are Republicans and the referral to the party suggests the move might have been politically motivated." Read The Los Angeles Times Board Editorial here ("Rejecting proposals that make it easier for people to vote is anti-democratic", 7/4/17.)

After this politically-motivated rejection, the California legislature passed Senate Bill 450, entitled the California Voter’s Choice Act, which authorizes specified counties (including Orange County) to conduct any election using Vote Centers instead of traditional polling places on or after January 2, 2018. At Tuesday’s BOS meeting, the OC Supervisors will vote to adopt one of four resolutions to authorize the OC Registrar of Voters to issue a request for proposals for procurement of new voting system equipment pursuant to the resolution they adopt. Resolutions 1, 2 and 3 would bring vote centers to OC, ranging from 1 being the bare minimum required by VCA guidelines to 3 being the most comprehensive. Resolution 4 is to continue using traditional polling place voting. The investment needed to upgrade equipment would preclude switching to voting centers anytime in the foreseeable future, and the process of upgrading and acquiring new equipment for any of the four proposals must begin now to be in place for November 2020. (You can view all four resolutions here: here.) 


February 26th, OC Registrar Neal Kelley will present his report on bringing vote centers to Orange County. He is asking the community to come out and show support for his proposal. You can review his report (refer to appendix F, page 84, to view the updated data as it relates to the BOS meeting) here. The discussion and vote are item 44 on the agenda: BOS Agenda

Message from OC Register Neal Kelley: "I wanted to bring to your attention our 2nd attempt to bring vote centers here to Orange County .... I will be bringing the item back, with updated data, to the Board of Supervisors on February 26, 2019. I have attached our full briefing document to this email for your review. The report is comprehensive and provides an excellent overview of vote centers in general. To view the updated data as it relates to the upcoming Board meeting please refer to page 84 (Appendix F).Looking forward to seeing many of you, and/or members of your individual organizations, at our February 26, 2019 Board of Supervisors meeting. Thank you as always for your commitment to Orange County elections."